Elected Officials: Why Quantity Without Quality Isn’t Meaningful: 3 Examples

September 8, 2017

Aren’t you annoyed of accepting adopted officials, who focus on legislative, so – alleged victories, rather than confined the best interests of their constituents, and the nation, they should represent? Our 2016 Presidential elections, acicular to the fact, abounding voters are admiring to a candidate, who emphasized winning, seemingly, behindhand of added factors! What does acceptable mean? Shouldn’t it be directed to creating and implementing the best, accessible advance of action, rather than simply, some expedient, possibly ill – conceived approach, which does not accomplish its declared objective/ purpose? With this in mind, this commodity will briefly appraise and discuss, 3 examples, if we should be absorption added on quality, than quantity, and on applicable solutions, rather than abode and meaningless, abandoned promises!

1. Jobs: We generally focus on the unemployment rate, even though, in fact, it is an capricious statistic. Even if it wasn’t flawed, artlessly because the raw data/ number, after paying absorption to the growth, or abridgement of increase, in assets levels, is beneath than the best approach, or methodology! Employment is a somewhat complicated issue, because some politicians, abide authoritative meaningless, unrealistic promises and claims, such as if President Donald Trump, continuously speaks about bringing aback atramentous jobs, if there are several issues involved, including the boundless costs of assembly (compared to added activity sources), technology (which replaces workers), assurance issues, and ecology concerns! There are agnate challenges, if the aforementioned baby-kisser (who brand adage he’s not one!) promises added branch jobs. Proposals apropos all-embracing trade, which advance isolation, rather than demography advantage of abeyant benefits, from partnering internationally, are both abbreviate – sighted and aching the economy! The optimal access would be absorption on education, job retraining, and technical/ computer enhancements! It’s not alone about a individual bulk or statistic!

2. Health care: Everyone has witnessed, the bulk of time, activity and resources, taken by this President, in replacing the Affordable Care Act, not because he has a bigger plan, or solution, but apparently, because he seems to believe, accomplishing so, enhances his claimed political agenda, and those, like him, who assume content, spending the majority of their time, blaming President Obama, for any, and everything! Trump even went so far, as to say, he would assurance any backup legislation, which beyond his desk. He abhorrent those who against this, even though, the replacement, did annihilation to improve, and/ or abode the flaws in the absolute legislation, and, in fact, would actualize a situation, area tens of millions of Americans, would lose the allowance they had! Wouldn’t the amenable access be, to abuse the absolute legislation, and do what’s best for its citizens?

3. Tax reform: The President continues to allocution about the charge for tax reform, acutely to be able to say, he did, and won, rather than accomplishing anything, of relevance, to advance it. Look at the proposals, and ask, who benefits, and why! Who is getting served? Is this tax reform, or a reincarnation of the crawl – down approach?

Voters should pay added absorption to what politicians propose, and why! Be assertive it is added about convalescent quality, than alone focused on numbers, potentially affected statistics/ data, or quantity!

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